The Happy(Diwali) Times…!!

The time of the year,
when every thing seems beautiful and lovely…
When no sorrow,
can overcome the joy…
The time when the air around you,
have so much energy,
that it wont let you feel low…
When you are happy,
and smiling without any clue…
the time when seasons are changing,
telling you the time will also do…
Making you sad to happy.. happy to happier..
happier to happiest and Blissful too…
Yessss!!! Yes!!! Yes!!!
It’s the time …
Time to lit-up/ the lamps….
Keeping the happy times,
and your dear ones on the clamp…
Its DIWALI time….
the time to celebrate..
May all of you again be blessed,
with the GOD’s Grace!!!!

I'm part of Post A Week 2016


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