i hate waiting but facing result is more scary….

There is an emptiness,
so hollow inside you…
craving for something,
that makes you feel full…
that feeling inside the belly,
that something is shrinking…
making you nervous as hell,
you shiver, that feeling of sinking….
the situation , not under your control,
the anxiety and the over thinking…
exam, interview, result or medical reports,
be it of you or dear ones of yours…
waiting for the result, whatever it may be,
you want the time to pass in a blinky….
trying to divert your mind,
nail biting or feet tapping…
try to calm yourself but,
restlessness over powering…
remembering the god,
you start praying…
want things to be in your favor,
a situation – do or die…
making different scenario in your mind,
thinking hundred different ways things you might have done,
your imagination takes a fly…
weighing the positive and negative,
the beam shifts…
with clock ticking,
your mind drifts…
whatever you are going through,
is going to pass…
as time never stays still,
so is the hour glass…
if its positive its for your best,
else its done as per the God’s wish 🙂

I'm part of Post A Week 2016


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