Back in my days….

“generation gap” – what is this about???
sometime I try to understand…
it’s just the time that count!
things changes, we need to adapt..
the old ones do contribute…
to the present technocrats!
but then why, still they carve for something they once had,
when they were a child!
trying to fill in the gaps left,
to anything new they defy!
seeing younger one molding to it,
they forget their own time!
same spot same condition,
they once have come!
they have acted the same,
calling themselves modernized!
simple things do seems better,
but technology has to unwind!
open-minded is what time demands,
so give yourself another chance!
mind – a bit more open, finding a new path,
mingling with the whole world,
let the borders discard!
let the primitive be some advanced,
give your younger ones a chance to expand!
as they already have in their plate,
served, what you have learned the hard way,
let them learn some more to add-on to the old tray!
let new opinion form and new habits take over,
let them carry forward your legacy in their own way!

I'm part of Post A Week 2016


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