nowhere… in the middle of the night!!

simply describe this moment!
a smile on the face…
making your contentment – exponent!
nothing mind wants,
or heart demands!
the aura around – so pure,
quietness so serene!
no one to poke you,
or to make your feelings demean!
soul so calm,
a touch of divine!
a sparkly brief moment,
your soul shine!
with you and your pursuit,
one of a kind!
might be a web series or favorite songs,
a book or your best wine!
with some thing to munch upon,
be it some chips or a coffee sip,
the time unwind!
sleep so far from your eyes,
no tension or any thought,
crossing your mind!
a happiness all around,
so not defined!
want to dwell in the moment,
found so flawlessly fine!
Evanescent – nowhere…..
in the middle of the night!!!

I'm part of Post A Week 2016


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