Danger of being a Human…

Danger! they might even don’t know the word or its meaning in any language but surely they know the feeling much better than humans. No one is spared from the brutality of human’s selfish deeds. He can harm anyone including the ones from his own species for his benefits.

This Picture was taken on one of my road trip. Enjoying the drive and empty roads, we were about to kill the beautiful innocent creature. Thanks to the driver for spotting and applying the breaks.

This incident has made me think how human has an upper hand, having developed a brain so sharp to develop so many tools that works in favor for him. But instead of helping the ones less fortunate he is eliminating other races by making building, roads and industries, depleting forests, a home to all other species.

Yes, I am talking about the Danger of being a Human. A predator to everything.

Danger! to his own habitat.


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  1. Anna Love says:

    Nice words 🙂

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