Opssss!!!! you told me so…..

There are some moments in your life Reflecting your past mistakes… but the way you take them makes all the difference!!!

No, I didn’t repeat the mistakes,
that I had learnt!!
Past was the teacher,
and I was its intern!!
People do told me the same,
before I did that blunder!!
But everyone has to have their own experience,
better than to other’s you surrender!!
Had my own falls,
before being sure…
Yes, it has hurt me,
hurt me to the core…
I had been nervous, shivered, frightened,
and had felt the cold…
But in the end its worth it!!
Coz its something now,
engraved in my mind!!
And I can never forget it,
ever in my life!!
Coz done better than said,
is what I believe!!
That’s why committed my own mistakes, 
on my journey – a spree!!
And paid the expenses,
instead learning them for Free!!

I'm part of Post A Week 2016


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