and that changed something inside me….

Coz sometimes you feel that,
Loneliness is a bliss!
you don’t think of others,
But you only are your life’s kiss!!
you don’t hurry,
though you are getting late!!
you give yourself ample of time,
crossing the gate!!
cleaning the mess,
All the garbage drown!!
Everyone in hurry,
but your mind so calm down!!
Experience you never had,
Never given yourself this chance to expand…
Things you have never done,
Makes you feel proud!!
you are only one of your kind,
alone in whole crowd!!
exploring places and your inner self,
all your horizons expand!!
seeing your hidden capabilities,
you will be surprised!!
realizing a self deep with in…
your confidence amplified!!
so go to a journey unplanned…
to the places unknown…
distant the places,
your mind and heart gets close!!
everything put together,
make your voyage memorable!!
things going so well,
makes you want your journey dwell!!
yet you have go back to the life before,
but with a new zeal!!
where everything looks n fell the same,
but you know there something inside u…
that has permanently changed!!

I'm part of Post A Week 2016


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